Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SSTV images in video games

I'm very late to the parade on this one but I don't know if there's been enough attention paid to this. In March last year Valve Software updated one of their games, Portal, to have radios that would play Morse Code and SSTV signals when you carried them to specific spots in the game. They did this as part of an Alternate Reality Game that led to the announcement of the sequel game, Portal 2. They actually included 4 more SSTV images in the sequel. One can be received during the first play through of the game, and the other 3 are part of a developer's commentary. More info about the Portal ARG here.

To receive these images, you can use any computer software such as MMSSTV and point the soundcard input to StereoMix, or similar. It's even possible to receive off of the youtube video in the above link.

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