Friday, July 16, 2010


It'd be pretty neat if some manufacturer made an HT with integrated Android touchscreen device. I could think of a number of neat things that could lead to, other than a pretty interface. A handheld, self-contained APRS device for starters. A packet softmodem could be implemented and then it'd just take linking that to an APRS program. It's not required but if wifi and/or bluetooth was implemented then this could even gateway packets to the Internet when you have access to an AP or a bluetooth tether to a phone. With those, you could have access to Echolink and even do a short term Echolink node if necessary. You could have a fairly long term voice recording and playback mode. If source is available for radio control module then it would be easy to add an ID timer or CW ID. SDR would be a natural fit and could even make the component count lower. A Dstar hand held would be interesting with this sort of integration as well. D-rats could run right on the radio. Also DPRS.

  • Packet
  • APRS
  • Wifi and/or Bluetooth?
  • igateway
  • Echolink
  • Extensible interface/functions
  • Voice recorder
  • CW ID
  • SDR?
  • D-star?
    • D-rats
    • DPRS
    • ???
Never going to happen, but that's something that'd be very interesting.
I imagine that a simple 2 meter HT with an android device glued on to it with no special features beyond a control program and audio I/O would be $800 or something ridiculous like that with how low the demand would be. (Even among licensees)

Maybe on one of those multiple thousand dollar HF radios. They can say "Look we glued a $100 android device on the front (cost us $50 in parts), give us another $500 please!"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

no money, no problems?

This hobby can really suck when you're unemployed and have no money for radios, other equipment, accessories. I've let so many opportunities fly by me because I don't have the wherewithal to take advantage of them. I'll probably forget by the time I do also.

Unrelated whining aside. My wife has given me a good idea to try to attract more blood to the hobby by trying to start a club at the local high school. I think this is a great idea and maybe something clubs should start looking into for their area. Of course, chances are it'd bomb out completely.

I've begun trying to convince a friend of mine to get licensed. Actually a little bit more likely cajole. I remember a story from my old study material, "Now You're Talking!".. About a whole family who was licensed including their 5 year old. Surely if a 5 year old can do it, so can he! Also, the tests are easier than I remember.