Saturday, December 25, 2010

got a Blogger app for my Droid phone.

Just testing it. I started a build of a softrock rxtx ensemble. I'm excited to get it built. Hopefully I will be able to get it done.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eight Below

Just watched this DVD last night with the wife. It's a very sad movie about some antarctic explorers who are force to leave their sled dogs behind when they evacuate to avoid some bad weather. I couldn't help but notice at one point in the movie, fairly early on, that they are talking on a radio that looks a lot like the FT-817.

Clip on Youtube Here is the specific spot of the movie with it. I can hope this link doesn't go down all I want but It'll probably disappear eventually, given the nature of it. If I find out it does, maybe I'll throw up a 30s excerpt, should be fine for fair-use clause. They have some pretty sweet, but old looking, base gear also.

Sad movie though, I don't think I'll watch it again.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Yeasu FTM-350R ramblings
Just noticed this radio and wanted to make some comments. I actually found it by clicking an ad for and then seeing the FTM-350AR had 220 capability. "Oh neat, 220!" I thought. Then I read that it was 1W. Well, okay it's a pretty feature packed radio, maybe there wasn't room for any bigger PA for 220.

I'm a little disappointed really. The 350R is a $500 radio, the AR is MSRP $780 with a ETA of 12/27/2010. At least they have a built-in APRS TNC (will it do regular packet or does anyone care at this point?) and a barometric pressure sensor. They are also bluetooth ready.

The bluetooth module to add support is $75
The "Internal GPS" unit is $75
If you opt for the "External GPS Antenna" unit instead, it's $70 but you have to buy a $60 cable and a $25 "External GPS adapter"

There's an oddball addon for it. I love oddball addons.
Yeasu FPR-1 Monitor Unit This is a pager sized device that works with the 350R, it can receive your 440band transmissions up to 1000' away. I might look for the manual online to try and get an explanation for this. $60

I'm still looking for one of these radios that can use a computer in the place of the remote faceplate. I've been considering attempting to do that with my Alinco DR600. If only I could find the weird 6-pin connectors they use. I may just figure out a cheap way of connecting to it without the connectors.