Thursday, August 4, 2011

ARISSat-1 Finally Deployed from ISS

Just got the announcement from the ARRL about ARISSat. I've read the news before about it being deployed. The word is the NASA-tv feed showed it and that it was being handled rather roughly. I didn't see the stream, I wonder if anyone managed to screen capture that and post it somewhere like Youtube or Vimeo? I guess it's rather regrettable that the UHF antenna was forgotten/lost/broken. You would think after all the time it took to get it up there, they would be a little more conscientious with it. According to the ARRL bulletin, if they scrubbed the deployment, the next opportunity would be Feb 2012. Well, it's taken this long to get it up what's 6 more months? Especially since now the UHF component will never work? Then again, maybe it was basically a "now or never" decision, I doubt we'll ever know.

Well, on brighter news I heard a couple of seconds worth of SSTV from it last night. I haven't managed to find any tracking elements so I don't know where it is. I had my Kenwood 241A tuned to 145.950 and heard a few seconds of SSTV even though my antenna is a Ringo Ranger 2. Still want to try to find resources around here to make a WA5VJB cheap yagi sometime.

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