Friday, March 25, 2011

A new challenger has appeared: BJ-UV55

Found this on Alibaba the other day. It is a Baojie BJ-UV55 dual band mobile. Emailed the seller and it's not out yet but they expect it to release in May. It seems that Wouxun's as yet unreleased KG-UV920R is spurring other Chinese manufacturers to make their own mobile radios.

The specs are fairly typical. 136-174mhz and 400-470mhz. 45W VHF, 35W UHF.

What I don't know:

  • If the front panel can be remotely mounted.
  • If it has crossband repeat
  • Price
I doubt this company is going to go through the FCC certification process either so your mileage may vary. I just like to keep track of these things.

I guess it's also listed under the model number TC-UV55 and a different company. Not too unusual in China.


  1. I have one, nice radio not front panel remote mount.

  2. I see them for sale at I found this page cause I am interested in some real world reviews first.

  3. got the TC-UV55 radio in today. Ordered it directly from The software makes the Wouxun radio software look well developed. had a hard time getting the power cable to connect. It was like the leads were just a little bit off. The USB end of the programming cable was smashed when I got it. It took a bunch of reads before the radio would communicate with my Windows XP laptop.

  4. That's pretty neat Michael, thanks for the report. How much did you pay for it?

  5. i got a bj-uv55 in, it is well. but what different between bj-uv55 and tc-uv55? i see them almost same.
    and in, i see an info that bj-9900 will come in May. but i dont see any info in google.

  6. Sorry for delay response. I paid $250.00, including DTMF microphone, software, and shipping.