Saturday, March 12, 2011

HTPC Capacitors

Ahh, the dreaded bulging capacitor problem. This is a Geforce 5200FX graphics card from my HTPC. Granted, it's pretty old. I built this machine back in 2006 which makes it pretty ancient for computer technology. A couple nights ago I sat down to watch a recording only to have it crash a few seconds into the video. I did a little troubleshooting today to find that the machine gets to POST only when I take the video card out. (Of course, once I do it gives me the error codes for no video card.) I found these caps when examining the card. 4 electrolytic capacitors 6.3v 1000uf all were bulging. The single 16v cap looked perfectly fine. I ordered a new card, but I think I may add some electrolytics to my next Mouser order to see if I can't revive this one too.

I've been playing something of a handyman this past year anyways.

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