Saturday, January 8, 2011

RF over Fiber Optic

I have recently come across this idea. It's apparently possible to buy boxes that can convert RF signals into optical signals that can be sent over fiber and reconstructed on the other side with another box. There are converters for one way or transceiver purposes. Some have bandwidths of 2500mhz or even 4000mhz.

Here is a PDF with the basics.

Has anyone ever used something like this for Ham Radio purposes? I'm still looking around but it seems pretty obscure to me still. I'll make a new post if I find anything.


  1. Looks interesting, but not sure how or why to use it for ham radio. If you come up for more information I would like to view it.


  2. I was thinking along the lines of maybe someone has used this technology to replace long runs of coax. Of course, you'd probably have some amps and preamps at the other end. Could be useful for Ghz work at least?

  3. Looks like this is used for in-building or underground use. I think the challenge here is synchronization. There is at least one company doing it:

    I am neither an employee nor sales representative.