Sunday, January 2, 2011

Return to Mt. Packet

KE9V has posted a list of basically New Years resolutions for ham radio and his #1 item is to set up a 1200 baud packet node again. I'd like to resolve to do the same. It's a shame that the old packet radio network(s) were tore down as the Internet got big. Even if packet was only 1200 baud, it's got reliability on it's side. Sure, the Internet's probably pretty resilient, but that doesn't include your connection to it. 1200 baud is super pokey but it's much faster than 0 baud. I would like to investigate HSMM installations but that will have to wait on personal funding and contingent on interest from other hams in the area, of which few have interest in computer technology I think.

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  1. This is what we are working on in Kentucky. Packet is not dead it evolved. You can combine packet/BBS/BPQ32 and HSMM. HSMM can be done on the cheap. Check it out