Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pixie 2 QRP rig

Recently acquired two of these boards with all components for building the Pixie. I got crystals for 7.040 with them. The documentation says they can work from 10m-160m depending on one inductor and the crystal. From what I've read you really need to make more modifications than that to put on higher up than 40m. I got the kits from HSC electronic supply. The kits include inductors for 40m or 80m but crystals are separate. I built one kit and a friend of mine built the other one. Now all I need to do is learn morse code again! I haven't touched it in 10 years or more and I just barely knew it back in the day.

It was, nonetheless, very satisfying to build the circuit. I also had fun diagnosing and fixing the problems with the other circuit. I put mine in an "astonish-mint" tin (altoids clone from Meijer) and my friend put his in a neat little wooden box that had some drill bits or some such in it at one time. 

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