Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My pixie II kit I built the other day. It's not "Done", I have some work to do on it. I really need a small bit of coax to connect to the antenna jack, which is a RCA jack on this. Frequency is a little off of 7.040. I haven't had a chance to check where it is exactly.

I haven't figured out how to measure it with my oscilloscope I bought a couple months ago. It's an old 60mhz analog scope that I think was formerly used at NASA at one point (Whoa!)

Waveform on receive, measured at antenna. The oscillator in this is always running so there's no chirp when it is keyed up. Measured at .1v/div.

Waveform on transmit, again measured at antenna. 2v/div. Nice clean sinewave. Picture is dark because I set my camera to 1/125s so not much light was collected. More than enough for a nice sharp image of the trace even though I'm holding the camera. :)

Blogger is giving me really annoying problems trying to format this with the pictures in the compose view. >:(

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