Monday, January 21, 2013

TR-9000 frequency problem

Ran into a weird issue the other day on my TR-9000 when turning it on after a long time of being powered down. My band limits were set to 143.800-145.999. Seemed like the lower edge in the United States zone with the higher edge set to the Japan zone. Very weird. Found a PDF talking about mods on though. One of which told how to modify the band limits and step size of the radio. Turns out, when power is applied to the radio, that is when it sets the limits. It's not when you turn the power switch on.

I had accidentally powered off my bench power supply when working in here one day for a short time. It must have been then when this funkiness happened. All I had to do to fix it was turn off the power supply and count out 5 seconds or so. Once I turned it back on and turned the radio on, I had the normal USA band limits of 143.800-148.995.

Don't ask me why that's the band limit. Every other radio I've ever owned has the usual 144-148Mhz. Obviously with those radios if you transmit right up against the limit you are going to have signal outside of the allowed frequencies. I guess Kenwood just trusted people to be honest?

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