Saturday, October 29, 2011

TM-241 again

Figured out how to read the S-meter data when it is active. Not too shabby. Still trying to figure out what kind of format the button data is in when transmitted. I have been doing a little hand fuzzing, aka sending random data bytes. I had a theory that they used the exact same control scheme not only on the remote control interface, but also on the internal configuration. That might be true for the LCD commands, but upon closer examination of the schematic, the buttons are in a matrix on CPU pins, SQL and VOL are variable resistors and the VFO knob is a quadratic encoder. Still, it might be valuable to open it up, and patch into the internal LCD signals if it helps me figure out which bits control what LCD elements.

I might also need to write a basic program to start fuzzing. If I could figure out some representative commands, maybe I could go from there and send test commands that are more likely to have a response. At the very least, I need to figure out: VFO knob, VFO button, MEM button, VOL, SQL, and PTT. The last one is important because the MIC connection on the radio is part of the communication scheme for the remote control interface.

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