Monday, September 12, 2011

Freescale MC13260 SoC Two-Way Radio IC

Found this in a mailing-list post the other day. Very neat, it's a System-on-Chip that is almost everything you need to make a radio from 60MHZ-960MHZ.

From the Freescale website:

Target Applications:
Comprehensive analog FM radio
Comprehensive digital radio (DMR, P25, TETRA, dPMR)
Dual-mode analog FM and digital voice/data
"Talk around the network" feature for cellular applications


ARM926EJ-S™ MCU operating at clock speeds up to 150 MHz
Modem processor (software-defined radio) operating at clock speeds up to 100 MHz
640 KB of integrated RAM
MCU peripherals to support control and monitoring functions
High-performance integrated RF transceiver supporting RF frequencies of 60 MHz–960 MHz
Fully integrated, high-performance RF fractional-N synthesizer
Integrated 13-bit audio CODEC with analog input/output
Three 12-bit DACs for support functions
10-bit general purpose ADC with four multiplexed inputs
Receiver supports linear modulation
Linear transmit support using integrated I and Q DACs and an external modulator
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) module for secure communication
Full-speed USB device with integrated PHY

Pretty feature rich! I assume the RF components you need amount to bandpass filtering, preamp, transmit/receive switch, and filtering, power amp for transmit side. This chip implements the SDR conversion, AD/DA conversion, etc. It has an ARM9 CPU and a separate "modem" DSP. I'm unclear if the DSP handles the FM mod/demod and any modem processes such as encoding or decoding PSK, FSK, GMSK, QAM, etc.

This chip is pre-release, according the press release the chip will be available in Q1 2012.

Press Release:
Product Details:
Fact Sheet:
Support Info:
Product Brief:

Other chips I've covered include:
CMX7163 QAM Modem
The CMX7163 QAM Modem is a low power half-duplex device supporting multiple channel spacings under host microcontroller (┬ÁC) control. Its Function Image™ (FI) is loaded to initialise the device and determine modulation types.
The 7163FI-4.x supports 4-, 16- and 64-QAM modulations up to 96kbps in a 25kHz channel, with channel estimation and equalization to provide robust performance under realistic channel conditions.
Flexible bit rates support a wide range of applications requiring a selectable bit rate and robustness.

An integrated analogue interface supports 'direct connection' to zero IF I/Q radio transceivers with few external components; no external codecs are required.TI CCxxxx series
From my blog post on the Ubertooth One:

A CC2591 2.4ghz PA/LNA,CC2400 2.4ghz RF transceiver and a LPC175x series ARM chip.
What inspired him to use a chip like the CC2400? He previously played around with a kids toy called an IM-ME. It's a pink pager-like device meant for girls to send instant messages over the Internet (via a usb dongle plugged into a computer)... He was able to turn it into aninexpensive spectrum analyzer type device. How? It has a CC1110 chip. This is an RF transceiver chip with an integrated 8051 cpu. According to the linked site:

Frequency range: 300 – 348 MHz, 391 – 464 MHz and 782 – 928 MHz
Pretty neat, it's capable of operation in the 70cm and 33cm bands at up to 500kBaud. This was in a toy that was less than $20 on ebay.

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