Saturday, February 12, 2011

ICOM 9100 clears FCC?'AFJ318300'
This appears to be the FCC ID: AFJ318300

Word on the internet is that the price when it comes out will be either $3600 or $4000. It's all rumors right now but I guess it's suppose to go on sale at Dayton.

Personally, I think that price is extremely overkill. They wouldn't sell it at that price if people wouldn't pay for it though. It's also for a very niche market so they have fewer units to spread fixed costs over as well. It's simple economics. Once they sell all the units to people who are willing to pay such a price, maybe they'll lower the price in order to sell more units.

There are cheaper ways of doing D-star on HF if that's what you want.

D-star adapter$600 (inc. UT-118 Dstar codec module and case)
Kenwood TS-2000$1549
$1999 w/1.2ghz

So for roughly $2600 you could have a set up that can do basically everything the 9100 can do. Less than that if you can find the TS-2000 used for a good price. You can't do the 128k high-speed data on 1.2ghz, but last I heard, neither will the 9100. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Heck, you might be able to do that cheaper.. I've heard about a soundcard GMSK modem that can use a DV Dongle to let you talk D-star on a 9600 capable radio like the TS-2000 for the price of the dongle, $200. I can't find the program right now though. (I'll update if I do.)

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